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​$77.00 Private Consultation

$67.00 Pensioners

$17 gap fee for EPC bulk billed sessions

Private Health Insurance

If you have Private Health Insurance with Extras, your rebates can be processed on the spot. You just pay the gap





If you hold a DVA (Department of Veterans Affairs) Gold or White card you may be entitled to free Physiotherapy.
All you need is a doctor's referral. Ask your GP today.
Enhanced Primary Care Plan

If you have a chronic injury you may be entitled to up to 5 medicare bulk billed treatment sessions.  You will only be required to pay a $17 gap fee.  Consult with your GP to see if you are eligible.



T​erms & Conditions


Payment is required in full at the completion of each consultation.

Health insurance rebates can be processed on the spot with your insuance card.

​Payments can be made with cash, eftpos or credit. Personal Cheques not accepted

Prices are subject to change

​For those with an Enhanced Primary Care referral from your Doctor, a Medicare card is required for Bulk Billing.

Work Cover and T.A.C services may be available. Please call to enquire whether we are able to service your request

T.A.C & Work Cover

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