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Physiotherapy is a clinical health science profession that is focussed around helping people regain movement and function after injury, illness or surgical intervention.

Physiotherapists use evidence-based methods to identify and treat factors that are causing pain or limiting function.
Physiotherapy is not just for Athletes and sportsmen, but can aid people of all ages and abilities to be free from pain and achieve their maximum physical potential.


Through a series of questioning and physical testing, Physiotherapists are able to diagnose your injury, dysfunction or pain mechanism.

Sometimes further investigation may be required such as X-ray, diagnostic ultrasound, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), or Computed Tomography (CT), to get a Solid diagnosis.

Your physiotherapist will identify when these measures are needed and refer you accordingly.




Physiotherapists use a range of clinically tested, evidence-based treatment methods:


* Joint Manipulation (cracking)

Joint Mobilisation

* Dry Needling

* Cupping

* Taping

* Hot and Cold Therapy

* Therapeutic ultrasound and other electo-therapies

* Exercise prescription

* Stretching

* Posture correction and advice

At PureLife our focus is 'Hands-on' treatment in the clinic, and exercises that you can follow up with at home. How fast you get better depends on how hard you want to work at it. 

Do I Need a Referral?

For most people the answer is No. You can book in and see a physiotherapist

without any kind of referral. However, any relevant information like recent imaging, surgeon's reports or letters from the doctor are appreciated.
If your treatment is being funded by Veterans Affairs, or through the EPC initiative then a doctor's referral is essential.

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